2019 Conference: The God Who Heals


Sam Storms - Jesus the Healer: Our Model for Ministry Today
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Michael Brown - Israel's Divine Healer: Healing in the Old Testament and Lessons for Today
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Andrew Wilson - Healing in James 5 and its Application to the 21st Century
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Andrew Wilson - Healing Now and Then: Lessons from the "Healing of the Nations" in Rev 22:1-5
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Michael Brown - Demons & Disease, Healing & Deliverance
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Sam Storms - Why Wouldn't, Couldn't, Doesn't God Always Heal?
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Matt Chandler - What if I'm Not Healed, or, Is it Important that We Learn How to Suffer Well
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Jack Deere - Healing and the Word of Knowledge
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Jack Deere - Is Faith Necessary for Healing? If so, How much, What kind, and other Challenging Questions
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2018 Equip Workshop: Building a Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church

The EQUIP Guidebook is available HERE (print double-sided). All main session and breakout session notes are included in the Guidebook, with the exception of the Retreat breakout session notes.

You are free to print and distribute the Guidebook material in part or whole, unmodified, for non-commercial purposes only (with the exception of charging a nominal fee to cover production costs of print materials). Any changes must be approved with written permission by the Convergence Conference team. Use the "Contact Us" form to submit change requests.

Sam Storms - Hearing the Voice of God | mp3 download 
Sam Storms & Tom Ball - Basic Training in Practice of Prophetic Ministry (Part 1) | mp3 download

Sam Storms & Tom Ball: Basic Training in Practice of Prophetic Ministry (Part 2) | mp3 download

Q&A - Part 1

Sam Storms - Avoiding the Perils & Pitfalls of Prophetic Ministry | mp3 download

Sam Storms - The Gift of Prophecy and the Sufficiency of Scripture | mp3 download

Q&A - Part 2

Tom Ball - Building an Intercessory Prayer Ministry in Your Local Church (Breakout Session)

Cordell Ehrich - Dream Interpretation (Breakout Session)

Krista Meyer & Ashley Owen - Equipping and Encouraging Your Children in Prophetic Ministry (Breakout Session)

Sam Storms & Matt Palmer - Equipping People for Prophetic Ministry in Corporate Gatherings and in Small Groups (Breakout Session)

Andy Edwards & Bob Armstrong - Prophetic Evangelism (Breakout Session)
Shannon Jurrens, Ryan Smith, & Sam Storms - Prophetic Worship (Breakout Session)

2017 Conference

Andrew Wilson's message at Bridgeway Church on October 8, 2017, following Convergence 2017: "Be Filled With The Spirit!"

Sam Storms - Power! | mp3 download

Jack Deere - The Privilege and Power of Hearing God | mp3 download

Matt Chandler - The Word & Wonders | mp3 download

Sam Storms - The Beauty of Spiritual Language | mp3 download

Andrew Wilson - A Charismatic Theology of Healing - What? When? Where? (Part 1) | mp3 download

Francis Chan - Leading a Skeptical Church into Things of the Spirit | mp3 download

Andrew Wilson - A Charismatic Theology of Healing -Why? How? Who? (Part 2) | mp3 download

Jack Deere - The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy | mp3 download

Charlie Hall, Ryan Gikas, Joel Limpic - Spirit-Filled, Gospel-Rooted Liturgy (Seminar) | mp3 download

Josh Kouri - Spirit Filled Leadership (Seminar) | mp3 download

Sam Storms, Jack Deere, & Andrew Wilson - Q&A Panel | mp3 download