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2018 Videos

Main Session audio files are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Main Session 1: Hearing the Voice of God || Sam Storms

Main Session 2: Basic Training in Practice of Prophetic Ministry (Part 1) || Sam Storms & Tom Ball 

Main Session 3: Basic Training in Practice of Prophetic Ministry (Part 2) || Sam Storms & Tom Ball

Main Session 3 || Q&A

Main Session 4: Avoiding the Perils & Pitfalls of Prophetic Ministry || Sam Storms

 Main Session 5: The Gift of Prophecy and the Sufficiency of Scripture || Sam Storms

Main Session 5 || Q&A

Breakout Session: Building an Intercessory Prayer Ministry in Your Local Church || Tom Ball

Breakout Session: "Drawn Away": Developing a Spirit-Empowered Retreat for Women || Krista Meyer, Ann Storms, & Kendra Argo

Breakout Session: Dream Interpretation || Cordell Ehrich

Breakout Session: Equipping and Encouraging Your Children in Prophetic Ministry || Krista Meyer & Ashley Owen

Breakout Session: Equipping People for Prophetic Ministry in Corporate Gatherings and in Small Groups || Sam Storms & Matt Palmer

Breakout Session: Prophetic Evangelism || Andy Edwards & Bob Armstrong

Breakout Session: Prophetic Worship || Shannon Jurrens, Ryan Smith, & Sam Storms

mp3 Downloads

Main Session 1
Main Session 2
Main Session 3
Main Session 4
Main Session 5

Download instructions: Open the mp3 links in a new browser tab. The download button is located on the right-hand side of the media player.

Breakout session audio files are not available.