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2017 Videos

Audio files are available for download at the bottom of the page.

"Be Filled With The Spirit!" - Andrew Wilson's message at Bridgeway Church on October 8, 2017

Plenary 1 // Sam Storms: Power!

Plenary 2 // Jack Deere: The Privilege and Power of Hearing God

Plenary 3 // Matt Chandler: The Word & Wonders

Plenary 4 // Sam Storms: The Beauty of Spiritual Language

Plenary 5 // Andrew Wilson: A Charismatic Theology of Healing - What? When? Where? (Part 1)

Plenary 6 // Francis Chan: Leading a Skeptical Church into Things of the Spirit

Plenary 7 // Andrew Wilson: A Charismatic Theology of Healing -Why? How? Who? (Part 2)

Plenary 8 // Jack Deere: The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

Seminar 1 // Charlie Hall, Ryan Gikas, Joel Limpic: Spirit-Filled, Gospel-Rooted Liturgy

Seminar 2 // Josh Kouri: Spirit Filled Leadership

Q&A Panel // Sam Storms, Jack Deere, & Andrew Wilson

mp3 Downloads:

Plenary 1
Plenary 2
Plenary 3
Plenary 4
Plenary 5
Plenary 6
Plenary 7
Plenary 8
Seminar 1
Seminar 2

Download instructions: Open the mp3 links in a new browser tab. The download button is located on the right-hand side of the media player.